Helpful tips to help you find a good dentist in Langley

Everybody wants strong, white, healthy teeth since they are one of the first things people notice while talking. But besides aesthetics, they play an essential role in keeping you free from diseases.

People in Langley City, located in Metro Vancouver Regional District in British Columbia, are serious about their dental health. But despite that, they have their fair share of dental issues.

Statistics show that almost 7 out of 10 adults aged 44 visit dentists in Langley for dental implants. By age 74, one out of four adults reported losing all their permanent teeth, requiring bridges.

You will most likely have to visit the dentist for teeth whitening, fillings, cleaning, root canals, or braces / Invisalign. But before that, you must find a good dentist. What are some things you should consider while doing so?

Types of services they provide

Start by checking the kind of services the dentist provides. Most in Langley can clean, enhance, straighten, repair, and replace your teeth. Why is each of these useful in helping you regain your smile?

Teeth cleaning

Clean teeth are the key to a healthy body. Imagine all the dirt collected in your mouth, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. Routine check-ups and cleaning keep them healthy while identifying any issues.

Look for dentists in Langley City who use an iTero scanner. It is an advanced technology that immediately provides clear images of your teeth’s structure. Besides its high accuracy, it’s completely safe and takes little time.

Amalgam removals

If you’ve got amalgam fillings, check if the dentist can remove them. Although they effectively fill cavities, they look unappealing, and some doctors say they release mercury vapor into the body.

Root canals

Have you been experiencing pain in your teeth’s base? You might need root canals. During the 60 minutes to 90 minutes procedure, the dentist removes the tooth’s pulp, disinfects the root canals, and places a filling seal to prevent infection.


Do you have broken, decayed, or cracked teeth? Fillings are a solution, but not when the decay has spread too deep. Crowns are the only way out in such situations.

Ask the dentist if they provide gold and porcelain crowns? A crown’s cost in Langley is between 1,000 CAD to 1,500 CAD. Ask them what their charges are.


Getting a crown is a lengthy process. However, some dental clinics in Langley provide a CEREC same-day crown option. The software uses 3d imaging to capture your tooth’s image, creating a high-grade ceramic material crown.

The dentist attaches the crown using adhesives or cement. The process takes less time and saves you the trouble of multiple visits.

Dental implants

Data shows that almost 22% of the population in Canada will have dental implants in 2050. Indeed, they are popular in Langley. Besides getting new implants, ask the dentist if they can help you with failing implants.

Symptoms of failing implants are swollen tissue, sensitivity while biting, and bleeding while brushing.

Do they offer sedation options?

Root canals, dental implants, and other invasive procedures are undoubtedly painful. But sedation options like oral conscious sedation, nitrous oxide, and freezing make the process much easier for you.

Ask the doctor if they provide these sedation options and whether they will help you deal with the pain effectively.

You should look for these services while searching for dentists in Langley. Restoring your dental health is a serious business, and you should treat it as such. A good dentist will restore your smile while ensuring the process is pain-free.

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