How does our productivity match up to the hours we work?

Have you ever stopped to think about how many extra hours you spend in the office finishing off vital pieces of work each week? And have you ever wondered whether you could be more productive in the day to reduce your working hours? Have you ever stopped to think about how many extra hours you … Read more

Digestive tea – Wellbeing Magazine

D’Amazonia, buoyed up by accelerating sales at Daylesford, Amazon and its own rapidly expanding online shop has responded to a growing influx of interest (especially within the healthier food & health food wholesaler fraternities) by commissioning a stylish sub-range of eye-catching / recyclable cardboard packs that will launch into the likes of Tree of Life … Read more

How office design can affect productivity and spark creativity

Office spaces have a huge impact on both the productivity and creativity of employees. In fact, research has shown that the design and layout of the work environment are crucial in sparking inspiration and this translates into quality of work. Bright, well organized, offices which are welcoming can boost energy levels, and have an impact … Read more

Thumbay Groups Gulf Medical University is the Best Private Medical University in the Says Sri region. BS Yediyurappa, Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, During his visit to Ajman

Thumbay Medicity was honored by the visit of BS Yediyurappa, Hon’ble former Chief Minister of Karnataka, India on Sunday 8th May 2022. President & Founder Dr. Thumbay Moideen received him in his office. During the visit, the minister was given a guided tour of the entire Thumbay Medicity, Thumbay University Hospital, and also outlined the … Read more

Wellness in the Workplace: Initiatives to Revitalize the Office

We all know that happy employees equal happy customers. So when you have an opportunity to boost the mood of your employees, helping them be more creative and productive, why not take it? Wellbeing initiatives are one of the most tangible ways that an organization can play a role in the wellbeing and mental health … Read more

Writing for Mindfulness – Wellbeing Magazine

In a world of smart phones and tablets, luxury gift emporium Pen Heaven is championing our dear old companions, the pen and notebook, for a stress-free and mindful year. Celebrating the art of all things handwritten, Pen Heaven proposes that there is no better way to reconnect with your inner wisdom and evoke some self-care, … Read more

5 Common Types Of Slip and Fall Accidents – Wellbeing Magazine

Slip and fall accidents happen when someone has been injured in a fall. More often than not, these accidents occur in stores, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, restaurants, and other establishments open to the public. Some slip and fall accidents are minor, caused by someone stepping on an ice cube or a wet floor. Other accidents … Read more

Luxury Massage Gift, for Stress Relief

SCENT NO.1: OBSESSION VIDA MASSAGE CANDLE, scent no 1: OBSESSION, has been carefully handcrafted with the idea of ​​self-care and connection in mind. It combines a warming massage oil with a mood-enhancing, low-temperature candle, to be enjoyed either alone or with a loved one – or massage therapist. The silky blend combines 5 essential oils; … Read more

5 Ways Fractals can help you heal

You might not know the word ‘fractal’ but you know what they are. Fractals are patterns repeated over and over again to build up a more complex pattern. After learning the connection between fractals and the holographic nature of reality I developed Fractology. For the last 25 years I’ve used fractals to heal myself, my … Read more