5 Ways Fractals can help you heal

You might not know the word ‘fractal’ but you know what they are. Fractals are patterns repeated over and over again to build up a more complex pattern. After learning the connection between fractals and the holographic nature of reality I developed Fractology. For the last 25 years I’ve used fractals to heal myself, my students and my clients. You can read all about it in my book The Soul’s Brain: the Neurology and Logic of Your Intuition. Here are some ways you can use fractals to heal yourself, and incidentally give a boost to your intuition.

1. Nature Bath

Overload and stress can affect us all, particularly during the kind of chaos we’ve recently been experiencing. Much of this stress is due to the linear patterns of our life which force us into a right-wrong or on-off mode. This is not how our bodies and minds naturally operate. By taking a nature bath (the term comes from a Japanese concept) by walking in nature you fill your senses with the fractal patterns in nature.

Restoring ‘fractal sensory input’ into your system enables your body and mind to once again find its natural way of operating. By being immersed in the patterns of nature our system can purge itself of stress and the unnatural way we force ourselves to operate. Nature’s fractal-rich environment helps restore our system to its optimum and also opens us to our intuition.

2. Be True to Your Pattern

Physics shows us the holographic nature of our universe. Fractology shows us that the structure of a hologram is a fractal – and so we each have our own unique fractal or pattern. Health and healing come as a result of strengthening our own pattern within ourselves.

While it can take time to learn the details of your own pattern, you can begin immediately with the understanding that health and healing is not a result of doing what ‘right’ and avoiding what ‘wrong’ but by doing what supports your essence and your pattern in life. Giving yourself permission to be true to yourself, even when it’s inconvenient for others, is an essential part of healing.

Start each day by asking yourself, “If I could do one thing today just for me, what would it be?” Then do it (or at least schedule it in for later).

3. Completion

Have you ever had someone tell you something? Then tell you again? And again? They keep doing that because the communication is incomplete. They’re not clear whether or not you’ve heard them. It’s a little like when those tasks you said you’d do, but haven’t done yet, nag at you.

One of the foundational principles of Fractology is that of completion. Energy goes in cycles, as does everything in nature. Problems arise when the cycles are incomplete. We experience problems when our patterns are incomplete.

A simple way to experience the lighter energy which results from completion is to acknowledge what someone says to you. Start your response with ‘good’ or ‘great’ or ‘thanks’ or ‘okay’. These words (there are others) are verbal short-hand for ‘I’ve heard what you’ve had to say and thanks for telling me’. They let the other person know the communication is complete.

Try saying the same thing to any thoughts you’ve got going round and round in your own head and you’ll find they’ll finally stop doing that. As for those things not yet finished, make an agreement with yourself when you’ll get them done.

4. Balance

A fractal pattern is balanced. If it were not, each repetition would be off-center. This is reflected in your body where your main energy channel (called the kundalini channel) corresponds to your spinal cord where health is maintained through having a balanced flow within your nervous system.

Take a couple of minutes and focus on your spine. Feel how tense or relaxed your spine feels. Do your best to feel the flow of energy flowing up from your tailbone to the top of your head and down again. Now visualize this flow is completely balanced – that the upflow perfectly balances the downflow. Notice how it relaxes your spine when you do that.

5. Your Soul Seat or Thymus

One of the most important understands you’ll learn in The Soul’s Brain is how to work with your thymus, also called the soul seat. The thymus is an important part of your immune system. Remember Tcells? The T stands for thymus.

Your immune system recognizes anything that does not belong in your system and it’s this recognition of what fits your pattern which is essential to health and healing. You can learn to work with this more consciously by developing awareness of your soul seat. By focusing on the thymus or soul seat and learning to recognize when this area is tense or relaxed you can develop an inner compass for those things that support you and your fractal pattern – and so your health and healing – and those things that do not .

Remember, wellness is the doorstep to a life in which you can realize your brilliance. Both are the result of living as an expression of the pattern of your true self and your potential.


Dr. Catherine Wilkins author of The Soul’s Brainpublished by Hay House and a skilled practitioner working at the leading edge of modern psychic healing. Her psychic gifts and a solid medical and metaphysical understanding of illness and the body enables her to work uniquely with healing energies. This means she can go directly to the source of mental or physical ailments, diagnose what underlies it and bring about healing by working both at a spiritual level and practical level.

The practice she has pioneered – Fractology – has taken healing beyond the usual limitations of traditional physical as well as the more esoteric psychic healing into a new realm. In her roles as a healer, teacher and author she is making a major contribution to the healing arts and sciences.

She’s the one other healers seek out to improve their techniques or to trouble-shoot their skills. For nearly thirty years she’s been perfecting and teaching her unique system of Fractology, facilitating clients and students in developing their own conscious intuitive logic, and balancing the left and right sides of their brain.

In 2019 Hay House International published her book The Soul’s Brain: The Neurology and Logic of Your Intuition.

For more information on Dr Catherine’s work check out https://fractology.info/my-story/

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