7-Steps to better health with air, water and fire

1. Increase your oxygenation of your body Learn how you can improve the oxygenation of every cell of your body through simple relaxation and breathing exercises. Over forty years in practice I have discovered that 75% of my patients do not breathe well, in fact they over-breathe or suffer from some degree of chronic hidden … Read more

Gulf Medical University inspires 3000 Students at 15th Annual Medical and Science Exhibition to pursue careers in Health Professions Education

GMU MASE 2022 had on display around 500 exhibits in the project, music, poetry, poster and painting categories by talented young students from across schools in the UAE United Arab Emirates: Gulf Medical University (GMU) concluded its 15th edition of the Annual Medical and Science Exhibition (MASE) competition for high school students, which saw the … Read more

The Anti-inflammatory Approach to Long Covid

Article taken from Vitaminology’s Long Covid and Nutrition support kit report, written by Caroline Hind, Nutritional Therapist, with Vitaminology. The lingering after-effects of a Covid infection have come to be called ‘long Covid’ or ‘long-haul Covid’ and are estimated to affect around one in three people who have contracted the SARS-Cov-2 virus. Long covid symptoms … Read more

Almond / Cashew Paste ‘nooj’ debuts in Sainsbury’s

First Supermarket Listing for Game-Changing, Dairy-Free Start Up nooj – an innovative Almond or Cashew dairy alternative has secured its first supermarket listing at Sainsbury’s, which launches this April across 150 of its stores as part of the supermarket’s much vaunted Future Brands scheme, which provides a dynamic sales platform for innovative food & drinks … Read more

True Wealth: 8 Steps to Curating Your Life, by Design

Bart Zandbergen Milestones have a way of triggering us into reflection. For me, 2022 marks 30 years in which I have invested my life into a career in wealth management. Looking back over three decades, I recognize that I have collected a treasure trove of lessons learned. My career has been a gift, a teacher, … Read more

6 ways to engage with the community to help tackle your stress levels

This year the theme for Stress Awareness Day is Community. Loneliness and isolation are known to have a major impact on wellbeing and stress levels, which in turn impacts both mental and physical health. Social isolation is a significant risk factor in both deteriorating mental health and suicide. Finding activities that help to remove the … Read more

How to become your true self

Overcome the expectations of others to reconnect with your own purpose and dreams In life, everyone has several roles to play. They may be a parent, a friend, a sibling, a colleague or a leader. Most of these roles people choose for themselves, however, individuals are sometimes pigeon-holed into positions they would never have foreseen, … Read more

Finding Purpose in Your Life: 3 Ways That Can Help

We’ve been given one life – a period long enough to do something extraordinary and impactful, to stay in people’s memories even long after you’re gone. However, this might bring some pressure on you, of doing good deeds constantly that can make an impact over time. We understand that it is complex, but taking baby … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are a common type of non-cancerous tumor that develops in or on the uterus. These may or may not cause symptoms. The ones that do generally have the common symptoms, such as heavy menstrual bleeding, backache, leg pain, etc. While fibroids are considered normal, and women are expected to get them later in … Read more