Top Tips for Coping with Sleep Deprivation as a New Parent

Having a baby can really take a toll on your sleep. From feeding and changing nappies, to listening out for crying and trying to settle them back off to sleep, it can seem almost impossible to get the rest you need. This sleep deprivation builds up and can leave you feeling exhausted and unhappy. So … Read more

Dining Out – Health Magazine

It’s brunch season in Dubai with an Argentinian inspired brunch with views of the Burj Khalifa, a fun party brunch overlooking the city’s skyline, and a festive themed brunch. Here’s our roundup of the best dining experiences in Dubai. Asado’s La Peñia brunch at The Palace Hotel, Dubai Inspired by the concept of a Latin … Read more

Start-ups Should Be Setting Up With Sustainability

Start-up businesses are the heartbeat and future of our planet, and they therefore, must play a key role in creating sustainable businesses of the future. To elaborate more, UK TV personality and founder of sustainability platform ‘Buy Smarter Buy Greener’ Kate Hardcastle MBE discusses the way forward in sustainability and small businesses. Why it matters … Read more

Reaching Goals the Right Way

From losing weight to eating healthier, with the new year here, most of us have listed down our short-term and long-term goals, often not achieving them. Yet Dr. Saliha Afridi, clinical psychologist (DHA licensed) reveals the right way to achieve our resolutions and keep them for life. Why we set goals for the new year … Read more

New Zealand Pavilion ‘Care for People and Place’

The New Zealand Pavilion, designed by New Zealand architects Jasmax, includes a kinetic façade made from an unusual architectural mesh called Kaynemaile. The concept The façade’s movement signifies that the pavilion itself is alive. The ‘living’ façade reinforces the New Zealand Pavilion’s Theme of “Care for People and Place”, which is based on kaitiakitanga, the … Read more

A Holistic Approach to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

With the influx of additives, hormones, and chemicals hidden in our food along with a sedentary lifestyle, polycystic ovarian syndrome is now becoming increasingly common, even in younger women. For a different approach, Khadija Kapasi, clinical dietitian / lifestyle expert instead focuses on mind-body medicine and lifestyle to manage PCOS. PCOS defined Polycystic ovary syndrome … Read more

Stress and Digestion: a Closer Look at Peptic Ulcers

From work challenges to a stuck relationship, when stress and anxiety hit an all-time high and are not addressed in time the right way, it can trickle down into our digestive system, resulting in an ulcer. The good news is that it can be easily treated with medication and lifestyle modification. As HEALTH investigates. What … Read more

Austrian Pavilion Leads the Change

Standing out as an oasis of calm and relaxation in the general hustle and bustle of the event, the markedly different architecture of Austria’s building has won three prestigious awards for its contribution to Expo 2020’s vision of organizing one of the most sustainable world expos of all time . These include the first prize … Read more

What Makes Male Depression Different

There is a stereotype of what depression looks like. We believe it has to be lots of crying, feelings of worthlessness, reduced appetite, excessive sleeping, isolating and being low all the time. To clarify, Jyotika Aggarwal, DHA Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Dubai discusses the red flags of male depression. Facts versus stereotypes According to Aggarwal, … Read more